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"Due chiacchiere con Mere"

The first talk show by Alessandro Mereu

Professional Stories

The first talk show by Alessandro Mereu that tells through short video interviews, the professional story of successful people and established or growing entrepreneurs. During the interviews the professional history of the interviewee is pitted, even going off topic with some side topic, such as pleasures and passions that made him the person he is today. A talk with Mere (Due chiacchiere con Mere original name) was born with the intention of inspiring people to new opportunities and ideas related to the working sphere.


From an idea to my talk show

Due chiacchiere con Mere is aimed at an audience of young people who have yet to find their own way of working, and to all those people who have to reinvent themselves from scratch by developing new skills for new jobs.

Alessandro Mereu took care of the entire management part of the project. In fact, he dedicated himself to finding people, bringing together about twenty of them (work crew, video editor, graphic designer, photographer, make-up, influencer), guests and locations. During the entire operational phase, Alessandro was responsible for coordinating all the people involved in the project, dividing the work into different locations on different days of shooting.

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