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My focus is on the marketing and communication sectors, fields in which I work and study from a young age. Over the years I have developed numerous skills also in digital marketing field, features that help me complete my role in the sector of my interest, marketing.

Web Design

AdWords (Google, FB, IG)

Team Leading

E-commerce Management

Content Marketing


Social Media Management

Project Management

Negotiation and Sale

Lead Generation

Public Speaking

Sales & Marketing

Until now, what were the most relevant results of Alessandro?

eCommerce Manager at DrBeat e W.S.A.

Focus on online sales of electronic products and telephone accessories
For DrBeat, an online sales model was designed and implemented which brought the turnover from zero to 90k in 1 year


Company specialized in the development of commercial and marketing projects both online and offline
Focus on consultancy on sales, branding and advertising for SMEs
Coordination of a team of 6 people (graphics, web development, video, translations, etc.)
Acquired experience in the clothing, electrical accessories, DJ products and telephony accessories sectors
[2018] The brand and customer portfolio of “Create Your Business” sold to two investors


ENGLISH FLUENT read, written and spoken

In the period 2018-2019, lived and worked in Manchester (UK)
Attended a semi-intensive course at the British School Center in Manchester.

"Due Chiacchiere con Mere"

“I love launching myself in new projects all the time. Today I am the author and presenter of my first talk show.
A social media talk show that tells the story of career or established professionals through brief interviews.
In addition to the organization, I also deal with the various interviews with professionals who will discuss with me in a very simple but effective format.”

Bachelor's degree in economic sciences

Thesis title: “Le nuove frontiere del marketing della comunicazione. Dai media tradizionali ai nuovi media”
The Bachelor’s degree in economic sciences proved to be the optimal choice for Alessandro, who has been orbiting in the field for several years now.

Project in Prague (Czech Republic)

Again Marketing

About Alessandro Mereu


In the role of project manager and consultant for my company, I developed excellent leadership, leading the coordination of a team of six people up to the point of completing specific projects in the field of online and offline services.

Platforms with which I can work easily

“When you think you have arrived professionally, it is when you indirectly decide to stop learning. At this point, take a step back and start again!”

(Alessandro Mereu)

Ho avuto occasione di collaborare con Alessandro Mereu nel corso degli anni, di scambiare opinioni e pareri su numerosi progetti. Posso garantire che professionalmente è difficile trovare persone così competenti ed è sicuramente uno dei migliori commerciali che si possano trovare.

Ultimo ma non meno importante per Alessandro la parola data è legge e posso garantire che farebbe qualsiasi cosa pur di mantenerla, anche a discapito dei suoi interessi. Qualità piuttosto rara da trovare al giorno d’oggi nel mondo del lavoro.

Davide Gavazzi

Comproprietario, Crea il Tuo Business

Alessandro worked for us for a duration of 4 years.
His mission was specifically to grow the online sale of my company.
Thanks to his guide the proceeds from the online sale of my store has grown considerably.
I can affirm that Alessandro is a precise and organized person.
Willy Bozzone Costa

Proprietario, Costa Impianti e Forniture

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