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Consorzio Tassano

from 2014



In 2013 Alessandro began to establish a relationship of trust with the social cooperative Consorzio Tassano di Casarza Ligure. The consortium inside is divided into different departments that allow a very young Alessandro to bring his desire to do and innovation to a world anchored to old beliefs. Alessandro in fact had to “Only” convince them that his was the right direction and in fact within a few years Alessandro found himself looking after the image of several companies in the consortium. Among the most important New Sinergy, New Food, Rest Home Madri Pie and Made In Grill restaurant. Alessandro in a few years becomes one of their main references for their care of the web marketing often aimed also at the increase in turnover. In particular for Made in Grill, a Brazilian churrascaria, it increased its turnover by documenting it, thanks in particular to the social image, through targeted offers and menus for old and new customers.

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