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Costa Impianti e Forniture

From 2013


E-commerce Management

Costa Impianti e Forniture has been selling, designing and installing electronic audio and video light systems and products for about 20 years, its field of action is the Ligurian one and not only.
At the time the nineteen-year-old Alessandro met the owner, Willy Bozzone Costa, an honest, correct and word entrepreneur, in short, a man who trusted almost immediately and a young man full of dreams and hopes that he developed with great resourcefulness and concreteness from scratch or almost the online sale of the company. He took a virtually inexistent online sales situation with problems on some outdated sales concepts.
After the first clashes between the two due, Willy decides to get carried away in the world of eBay, thanks to the guide of Alessandro he understands that he does not go away without it.
Within a few years the Amazon channel is also opened. In fact, from 2014 to 2017 the increase was exponential, going from the 2-3,000 euros of online sales revenues of Costa Impianti before Alessandro’s intervention, going to 40,000 for the year 2017 and to around 100,000 for the year 2018 .
The best results on eBay were “Silver Power Seller” and top affability seller on eBay.
Obviously everything was possible thanks to Alessandro’s mentoring, to the seriousness and continuity of Costa Impianti and Forniture but also to a team of people who have created themselves over time. People who have made a service feasible from selling the product to shipping.
Alessandro has added duties to the Costa Impianti e Forniture online sales project.

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