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Property Management

From 2015


Property Management

In 2015 Alessandro presents a new service in our company, now called property management. Then we could compare it to managing online booking platforms, managing people to check-in and cleaning service. The easiest way to take the first customer who decides to entrust his “Vacanze” house in Florence to Alessandro, who is in charge of configuring all the online portals, going to the site with the photograph of his team, finding the person for check-in and cleaning and then to manage the same portals. Alessandro created a real constant income to Elisa, the owner of what was called “Casa Ghibellina”. The word of mouth created by master and in fact Alessandro met another entrepreneur in the area of ​​Sestri Levante (GE), thanks to Elisa, who manually entrusted him with a case in the center of Sestri Levante. Also in this case Alessandro takes care of a 360 ° and the positive result is carried by Alessandro.

In both cases, Alessandro brings the Airbnb portals to Superhost level, which is a very high level of quality.

“Book Land” and “Salaffitti” arrived thanks to the previous results. In fact, a company of real estate agents in Cape Verde, decides to entrust the two projects at the level of web image to Alessandro Mereu, making him design the whole structure of Social, Site, Logo and even paper. Book Land owners then decided to rely on a local agent to manage online bookings, but remained in contact with Alessandro for other types of management linked to social networks and the entire web image in general. Reserve Terra aimed to be a real online booking portal like Booking.com and Alessandro took up the challenge. Instead Salaffitti was a small portals for bookings of private apartments.

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